Your Grade Schooler Is Ready To Save Costs And Energy

When your child reaches kindergarten and is learning many new things, they are increasingly becoming aware of the world that lies beyond their home, their neighborhood and their school. This is a great time to teach your child about the environment. It is important to start going green and take up small initiatives as a family. If you already have eco friendly habits established at home there are ways that a growing child can contribute to ensuring greener ways in his or her own world and beyond.

Inform In A Way That They Can Understand

Children will get overwhelmed if you load on a lot of information on them. If you wish to let them know about pollution and how many species are becoming endangered due to such causes, also let them know in what ways one can make the world a better place and help all the polar bears and other living things to sustain on the planet. More than the melting ice caps in the far away arctic regions show them how small things can be done to affect the planet in a positive way. One can start from recycling things at home. Plastic bags and their minimal usage or making use of tetra packs to make a funnel or a measuring cup is a fun way to teach them the importance of recycling products.

Teach Them How To Turn Off Lights And Save Electricity

One of the best ways of teaching them awareness about the environment is to get them to reduce energy costs.

  • Teach them to turn off lights and fans when they are not in use
  • Talk to them as to how the electricity saved is energy saved and how the resources of the earth are saved as a result
  • The linkage of their small actions to a greater end will encourage them to remember these lessons

Remind Them To Turn Off The Tap When They Brush Their Teeth

When you have a grade schooler they are old enough to understand that the water that is running in their bathrooms is coming from reservoirs and lakes.

  • Speak to them how wasting water affects everyone
  • Help them to know how much we are dependent on water
  • Help them to realize that wasting water is also wasting energy
  • If a faucet is left running for five minutes that would be equivalent to lighting up a light bulb of 60 watts for fourteen hours

Reduce The Dependency On Power

Help your children realize that it is not only energy saving to play board games or read books and even to go and play games in the park, it also saves energy. The usage of video games or watching cartoons on the television is costly in terms of usage of energy. Encourage them to indulge in such activities instead of getting hooked to power backed entertainment all the time. In such ways children can be made aware of how to save energy and resources and to reduce wastage at home and school.

Your Grade Schooler Is Ready To Save Costs And Energy
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