Importance Of Local Green Markets

Gaining Significance

Green markets are in the news most of the time these days. In the context of going green or eco friendly, green markets are developing a special significance. While there are implications for the commercial business to function or trade in a green market scenario, you can also take a close look at the original green markets in your vicinity and see how they contribute in keeping the eco system balanced. Indeed, the local farmer’s market was never thought to be significant but in this era of globalization and issues of global warming, a green local market has a lot of significance than we would attach to it.


When the economy is on a slow upward rise, at such a time retailers feel hesitant in setting up new stores and investing in storefronts. They can make use of a local outdoor market area that would be a great way to boost sales and to do it in an Eco friendly manner. Thus, many places in the US especially in Florida, the towns and cities see summer local markets start off. These markets have the typical characteristics:

  • They start early in the morning, by 8 a.m.
  • They are usually on till afternoon
  • They are held in open marketplaces or open public areas
  • The advertisements are issued in newspapers, fliers and online news postings to inform the local public
  • There is an organizing committee that organizes these markets and provide stalls or space to local vendors or farmers


Lucrative For Farmers And Vendors

Most of the vendors find such arrangement lucrative to make sales. It is easy to rent a booth space as opposed to setting up a storefront. For the local growers in the nearby areas they can transport their fresh produce easily within time for the market to open. The timing is such that there is little need to store or preserve and hence, one can cut down on such infrastructure costs. Hence, all that one needs to invest in are transportation costs and makeshift arrangement for display of goods at the stalls.

Good Impact On The Environment

Many such market areas see a huge turnout of the local customers. Even for tourists it is a place to get to savor local delicacies and purchase fresh local produce. In this era of global warming when import of food items simply increase the global footprint and imbalances the food pattern and introduction of the food items, it is being increasingly encouraged to use and consume local produce. If one restricts their consumption to what is locally found, not only do the local farmers and vendors benefit, overall carbon footprints are reduced as demand is reduced for imported food items. Imported food items offered by giant retail stores are expensive and need elaborate infrastructure arrangements in the form of storage requirements and preservation facilities. In such context, local green markets need to be encouraged and we need to think local when we think of food most of the time.


Importance Of Local Green Markets
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