Green Energy Applications In Agriculture

What Is Green Energy?
The term green energy stands for a wide range of environmental concepts and for this reason it is used in different contexts. However, in general green energy is nothing but an ecofriendly source of energy that can be used as a fuel for conducting different commercial and non-commercial functions. Several renewable or recyclable natural compounds are used as a basis for producing green energy. For instance, solar energy which is a free and non-exhaustible resource is a green energy.

Unlike other energy extraction process, solar energy conversion causes minimal pollution.  This makes it a much cleaner energy solution compared to natural gas which is our conventional fuel used for cooking and heating. Organic fuels like cow dung are used in many places for cooking. It is a much preferred source of green energy compared to biomass which is comparatively more difficult to use in a domestic environment.

Application Of Green Energy In Agriculture
Agriculture and farming is a major field that requires huge amounts of power consumption. Different types of machinery are used for sowing seeds, harvesting, processing, cleaning and refining different types of crops which includes grains, fruits, seeds and plants. Green energy or green fuels are used in sustainable agriculture in order to make the entire process more eco-friendly. In several countries, the government offers grants and funds to farmers for making use of green fuel or bio-energy for conducting various agricultural activities.  These farmers make use of organic manure with the help of plant and animal waste. This form of bio-energy not only helps them in replacing chemical fertilizers but also works as a good fuel source for conducting various other activities like heating, cooking etc.

Green Energy In Agriculture

How Cost-Effective Is Green Energy?
Over the past few years, economists and government have prepared several data that show the use of different types of green fuels and their cost and benefits.  Accordingly, they came to a conclusion that most of the green technologies that run on green fuels are expensive during their initial stages. However, in the long run they offer more durability and less recurring cost. Low operating cost is a huge advantage which has prompted several industrialists to switch to green technology.

However, the capital cost of installing different equipments and machines used for processing green energy is a bit high. The user might take a few years to cover the capital cost before he could see the savings from using these ecofriendly technologies.

Awareness About Green Technology
Nowadays, communications systems are quite advanced. There is no place on earth which lacks connectivity in the form of cell phones or internet. This has naturally helped the government and environmentalist in spreading more awareness about different green technologies and their benefits for our next generation. Although, the awareness bout different green energy sources and environment conservation are reaching the masses, there are areas that haven’t received enough attention. In many countries people are still unaware about the potential of different green fuels and how they can change their quality of living for good. However, the scenario is changing quite rapidly due to pressing issues posed by rising cost and environment degradation.

Green Energy Applications In Agriculture
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