Biodiesel As Alternate Energy Source For Vehicles

The present demand for fossil fuels necessitates the development and use of alternate sources of fuel which are more sustainable. To meet the increasing demand for fuels, scientist has come up with biofuels like ethanol which is derived from plants and bio wastes. Corn plants are a good source of bio- diesel.

Bio- Ethanol

Ethanol is a part of the gasoline fuel when ethanol is used as fuel the percentage of the ethanol will be increased in the mixture of ethanol and gasoline to 85%. This helps in complete burning of the fuel and the problem of emissions will be reduced. The vehicles will be able to give more fuel efficiency once complete burning of the fuel is possible. When we use gasoline as fuel incomplete burning occurs and as result large quantities of smoke is emitted causing air-pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency has given consent for the manufacture of biodiesel from corn plants and bio wastes. It is expected that this fuel will become the most popular fuel for automobiles in the future. There are many ethanol stations coming up in different parts of the United States. The European countries and Canada are also into the use of bio-diesel as an alternate source of fuel for vehicles.


Low Cost Alternative

Bio- diesel is a low cost alternative to the costly fossil fuels. Most of the developing countries are finding it difficult to get the costly fossil fuels according to the demand in the country. Since this green form of energy is produced from plants and animal fat, they are comparatively cheaper than the fossil fuels.  The process for deriving the bio- diesel from plant and Animal matter is very simple and can be easily adopted all the countries of the world to make our earth remain green for a longer period.

Environmental Benefits

Apart from reducing the use of fossil fuels, this green energy offers the following benefits.

  • Bio diesel as a source of green energy is non-toxic, bio- degradable and is free from the sulfur compounds which pollute the air and cause acid rains.
  • The deterioration of our environment can be considerably prevented by the use of safe green fuels.

This is the best available alternative fuel for motor vehicles as they have all the requirements according to the Clean Air Act. Moreover this file has been thoroughly tested before they have been put into use.

Advantages Of Using Bio- Diesel

The advantages of bio- diesel are that it can be used in regular diesel vehicles with very little modifications or with no modification at all. The engine performance and wear and tear of the vehicle is not affected by the use of bio- diesel. It can be successfully used in a variety of vehicles such as military trucks, snowplows and any other types of trucks. Producing the bio- diesel from used vegetable oil or animal fat reduces this content from entering the landfills. Bio- diesel cuts the vehicle emission by 50 to 70 %. The use of bio- diesel will reduce air-pollution, chances of acid rains and global climatic changes.



Biodiesel As Alternate Energy Source For Vehicles
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