Green Agriculture

Pollutants In The Food We Eat
Most of the time the green environmental concerns that we read about is mainly about conservation of energy and natural resources. But the problems of environmental pollution are more pervasive than we can imagine. Even the water that we drink or the food that we eat is not free of such pollutants. You might be aware of these facts or may be oblivious to them. No matter what, you need to be aware of how the pollutants are present in our food and how to prevent the same.

Meat Lovers Being Discouraged
Those who love to eat meat are being discouraged in many ways to give up their meat eating habits. If you are wondering why you can consider the following points:

  • Meat that is imported and sold as frozen food items are burning a lot of carbon footprints to reach your doorstep
  • Meat that is processed often contains additives and preservatives that are harmful to one’s health
  • Even if you are buying meat that is local and fresh, it might be found full of antibiotic

If the above points sound scary to you can check out the following elaborations to know more.
green agriculture

Dilemma Of Consuming Imported Meat Products
Meat that is imported from other countries is always considered to be more exotic. Most of us are willing to pay a premium price to have a turkey that is imported from other places and other kinds of meat that is not native to our place. However, in the context of environmental pollution, there is another point that discourages the sale of such items. Such meat is brought by train or plane which is equivalent to burning fuel or energy. Thus, more carbon footprints are left by such operations. While the meat processing industries may be opting for green power credits in order to offset their carbon footprints, there is a growing consensus that consumers need to cut down on purchases of imported processed meat items and to encourage local vendors and producers of meat products.

Local Meat Is Not Spared
The next point to consider is more perplexing. If you thought that purchasing meat from the local market should ensure that it is fresh and nutritious, it might not be so. There are studies that reveal that such meat contains antibiotics. That is mainly due to the administration of such bacteria in the animals when they are being reared. Most of these animals are grown in close proximity and unhygienic conditions. That leads to perpetration of diseases among the animals. To cure the animals of these diseases antibiotic are administered.

Again, the antibiotic makes the animals grow stronger and faster. That leads to more meat being processed more quickly and that translates to more profits. In such ways, we are not relieved of pollutants in the meat we consume. The only remedy is to opt for organic farm reared animal meat. There are meat processing brands that offer organic, farm raised animal meat of certain standards to ensure customers of the goodness of the meat.

Green Agriculture
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