Green Energy And Power Generation

Need For Green Energy

  • Green energy or renewable energy is the energy that is got from green sources or renewable sources like sun, wind, water etc., and is considered to be the way forward for energy generation.
  • By using the natural resources that are renewable, there are ways to generate power or energy and this is what a lot of governments are now focusing on.
  • This has led to many new renewable energy power plants being built and there are many new projects that are in the pipeline.
  • Energy is usually generated by burning fossil fuels and this has a lot of environmental consequences.
  • Greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere while fossil fuels are burnt and these gases are responsible for global warming.
  • Other pollutants are also released into the atmosphere during this burning process and therefore there is the need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels for energy production.

Using Solar Power
Energy can be produced using solar power and it has been done so for many years now. But the efficiency of the solar power generation method was quite low and there has been a lot of research in this area in order to improve the efficiency of solar power generation. The solar energy power plants today are highly advanced and are able to produce a lot more energy than the earlier power plants. By using concentrated solar energy generation and solar farms, many solar power plants are supplying a substantial amount of energy to the grid for people to use. Some countries have been able to meet half of their power requirements using solar power and other green power sources and many other countries are moving towards that goal.

green energy sources

Using Wind Energy
Green energy can be produced using wind and they are done by using windmills that are located on shore or off shore. Earlier, windmills were located only on shore, but there have been much advancement in the technology that has provided the option of setting up windmills offshore, where the wind currents are a lot more when compared to on land. But the drawback with this technology is that there is a lot of dependence on the wind to generate power and there can be days when there is not sufficient wind to generate power. This was an issue that was face primarily by onshore windmills and by moving them offshore where there are better chances of sustained wind, the efficiency of the power plant is increased.

Using Water Energy
Using water to generate electricity has been on for many years and they are considered to be expensive as it involves building dams across rivers. By storing water in dams and by channeling them through turbines, green energy can be produced. There has been a new technology that involves suspending turbines underwater to make use of the water currents to generate electricity. Building of dams can cause some environmental issues as a large area will be flooded while storing water and therefore can cause problems. There have been advancements in power generation method using water and that has greatly increased the efficiency of such power plants.

Green Energy And Power Generation
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