Why Do We Need Green Energy?

Our traditional energy sources are mainly non- renewable resources like coal and oil. The burning of these fuels causes a negative impact on our environment as they release a lot of greenhouse gases which can affect the climate of the earth. Moreover the traditional energy sources are fast depleting and it will not be able to replenish them. The world is facing an energy crisis and hence there is a need for other sources of energy which are easily available and that do not harm our environment.

Green Energy
Any type of energy produced from sources like wind, solar, geothermal process, hydro projects etc are considered as green energy. They are called as green energy as they are produced from renewable sources and produce very less impact on our environment. So, in order to protect mother nature from pollution and to ensure the supply of energy continuously we should start using green energy for industrial as well as domestic purpose.
green energy

Prevents Global Warming
When we use coal as a source of electricity to use in our homes, coal has to be burned to create heat which will make the turbines move to produce electricity. Burning of the coal releases lots of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This will cause global warming that is an increase the average temperature of the earth. Global warming can result in the melting of polar ice caps and can cause flooding in the coastal areas. Use of green energy can prevent global warming.

Prevents Negative Impact Of Oil Use
The demand for oil fuels like petroleum and diesel causes an increase in the rate of these fuels and also leads to the scarcity of the fuel. There are other negative impacts of the use of oils. They are

  • Chances of oil leakage from oil wells
  • Chances oil spillage in seas while transporting
  • Burning of oils increases the amount of carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas

The oil spillage is causing major threats to the aquatic ecosystem. The life of marine fauna and sea birds are under threat because of the oils pillage from ships. Burning of fossil fuels reduces the quality of the air. They are the major cause of smog in many countries. The smoke generated by the automobiles using oil as fuel is causing respiratory diseases in human beings. So, in order to prevent these negative impacts it is necessary that we consider using green energy products available in the market to reduce pollution.

Conservation And Sustained Living
To ensure conservation of our non- renewable energy resources and nature and to have sustained living, green energy is the best possible option. The present technology allows us to use more green energy than before. The low cost solar panels and wind mills help us to generate energy for our own needs. The white paper on energy conservation and use of alternate energy sources are a step to promote the use of clean and safe energy resources at the government level.

Why Do We Need Green Energy?
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