Non Renewable Sources Of Energy And Why Is It Important To Reduce Its Use?

The demand for energy has seen a drastic demand in the past century and it is growing at alarming proportions. There is a great need for energy as it is used to power cars, buses, trains, airplanes as well as to power household appliances, machineries in industries and to provide light.

Demand For Energy

It is very difficult to imagine a world without the energy and power now. Energy is very important as it is used in our day to day lives. But, the process of generating power and energy is what is causing the great pollution and environmental problems in this world. The sources that we tap for getting the energy that we need are called the non renewable energy sources. These nonrenewable energy sources are those natural resources that we tap to generate electricity and energy and ones that cannot be replenished or recycled. These natural resources are known as the fossil fuels and they are coal, petroleum, oil and natural gas. The production of these non renewable fuels causes a lot of pollution in the atmosphere and this is one of the reasons why we see a lot of carbon footprints in this planet.


Fossil Fuels    

The fossil fuels are quite versatile and its main function is to generate electricity. The main problem with this fossil fuel is that it has to be burnt through the combustion process in order to generate energy which is used to power a turbine. The turbine will be helpful in converting the energy produced by the combustion of the fossil fuels into electrical energy.

Common Types Of Fossil Fuels

  • Coal: It is one of the most important non renewable sources of energy that helps in producing electricity. Many countries produce electricity for their nations with the help of coal and it is extracted from the ground through underground mining. The use of coal in higher quantities has resulted in the depletion of the fossil fuels as well as causing a lot of environmental problems. Nowadays, environmentalists and scientists are looking at ways to reduce the use of coal and to generate energy through renewable energy sources like sun, wind and water.
  • Natural Gas: This is another non renewable energy source that helps in the production of electricity. The electricity is produced through gas and steam turbines and due to presence of methane in the natural gas; the combustion of the gas emits a lot of poisonous gases into the atmosphere. It is also used in fueling cars and is considered to be less dangerous than coal. But, it is advisable to use natural gases in lesser proportions in order to protect and safeguard the environment and the people living in this planet.

Reducing Use Of Non Renewable Energy Sources

If you would like to see this planet green and to enjoy the flora and fauna in this world, then it is very important for each one of you to help in the fight against global warming and to reduce the over dependence on non renewable sources of energy to get power and electricity. Buy doing so, you will make this world a safer and secure place to live for your future generations.

Non Renewable Sources Of Energy And Why Is It Important To Reduce Its Use?
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