Different Sources Of Green Fuel

What Is A Green Fuel

There is much discussion on what is green fuel. It is also known as biofuel as it is a fuel that is obtained from plant or animal sources and it is believed to be more environmentally friendly. That is in comparison to the fossil fuels that are used to power the world as has been the ongoing trend for centuries. Today the fossil fuel sources are depleting and hence there is a desperate search for finding alternative energy sources. Green fuel is fast emerging as possible fuel options. As the world is getting drained of its traditional sources of fossil fuel the research in this field to find an alternative means of sustainable energy is more pertinent. There are critics who dispute the term “green fuel” and the misleading notion that they do not cause pollution in the environment. The biofuels are known to create pollution as well and hence as per current practices, can harm the environment equally.

Different Forms Of Biofuel

If you are wondering what are the forms of biofuel, the main sources are cropped.

  • Crops are broken down into two types which are sugar producing and those which are the oil producing crops.
  • The crops that are sugar and starch producing are corn or sugarcane and are put through the fermentation process in order to create ethanol which can act as a fuel source.
  • The oil producing plants are those which are used to produce vegetable oils. They are used like fossil oil sources. They help to create fuel when they are further processed.


Research And Advancements

There is much research and technological advancement that is done in the field of biofuels.

  • There is a focus on using wastes as well as non food sources to generate energy
  • Landfill material can be converted as well as inedible plant parts can be used to generate green fuel
  • They will help to cut down the demand for foil fuels
  • There is also the opportunity to recycle a lot of the waste that is generated

These alternative sources of biofuel are being considered and put into use in order to stop the pressure of using edible crops for generation of fuel.

Algae As The Next Green Fuel Source

There is another form of green fuel that can act as a sustainable source and that is green algae. It is seen to grow in different bodies of water and it is a tiny plant that grows at a rapid pace. It is being considered as a fuel source since it has a higher oil content that is akin to other oil producing crops. There are many countries that are doing extensive research on algae. The advantages include its lack of cultivable conditions and its capacity to multiply quickly. There are many startup companies that are venturing into production of oil from algae. They are optimistic for having tapped into a huge market potential for the future of the world and the answer to sustaining energy for the world.

Different Sources Of Green Fuel
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