What Is Green Technology And What Are Its Uses?

Using the knowledge for practical use is known as technology. Green technology uses non-polluting practices to produce things and materials which are non toxic. The innovative practices used in this technology can bring positive changes in our daily life. The practice involves fulfilling the needs of the society without causing depletion of the available natural resources and preserving it for future use.  So, green technology gives importance to sustain at the same time allowing the fulfillment of current needs.

The Goals Of The Technology

The important goals of the green technology include

  • Conservative use of the natural resources
  • Creation of products that are reusable or recyclable
  • Bringing change in the production pattern to reduce waste and pollution
  • Finding alternatives to the practices which adversely affects the environment and humans

This will ensure less pollution to the environment and better living conditions for humans in the future.


The Areas Where Green Technology Is Useful

The main areas where green technology can be used include energy production, green chemistry, construction of environmentally friendly buildings, sewage treatment etc. the use of green technology in these areas can reduce the stress on the natural resources, economy and environment. This will play a major role in maintaining the ecological balance. Reducing pollution can prevent global warming and the greenhouse effect. There will be few occurrences of natural calamities and the weather will become more predictable. Sewage treatment by using green technology makes the water resources less polluted. It will allow the use of recycled water for various purposes. Green chemistry ensures chemical products that are safe for the environment. Health problems due to pollution will decrease. The world will be a better a better place to love for all the living beings.

Green Energy Production

This is an area where green technology has the major applications. The green technology uses the creation of energy from new sources using new methods as well as bringing energy efficiency. It also includes the development of different alternative sources of energy to reduce the use of fossil fuels which are damaging the environment. Green energy production from sources which are renewable  can reduce the dependency on the natural resources like petroleum, coal etc. it also finds non-polluting methods to produce energy from various alternate sources like wind, biomass sunlight etc. Green technology is used to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings using appropriate design and location for the construction of buildings.

The Future Of Green Technology

It is expected that in the coming years the use of green technology will extend into more areas. The future economic activities will depend on creating products that are safer and more beneficial to the environment. The governments of various countries are recognizing the need for using green technology and promote the use and purchase of items produced using green technology or that is environmentally friendly.  There will be new careers opening up which are centered on green technology. Creating awareness among people about the use of green energy and environmentally friendly products will improve the scope of this technology.

What Is Green Technology And What Are Its Uses?
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