Importance Of Green Buildings

Demand For Green Buildings

There is a lot of information to be found in green buildings. There are many definitions as to what a green building denotes. It is a structure that is conceived or planned and executed in such a way that it is resource efficient as well as responsibly in an environmentally friendly manner. The green theme has to be continued through the life cycle of a building in its maintenance and running in order to maintain its qualifications of being a green building. Today there is much demand for green buildings. This is a field of construction that is growing and expanding. There is much information to be found in the kinds of construction materials and methods that are damaging to the environment and many people demand for green solutions in the construction of their homes and offices.

What Defines A Green Building?

Many people have the following questions in their mind?

  • What parameters need to be followed in order to make a building green?
  • Would you know one when you see it?
  • Is it expensive to build a green home?
  • How do you renovate it the green way?
  • What are the essential features of a green building?

These are some of the common questions that arise when we start talking about a green building. It is to be remembered that, a green building is made of resources that are not damaging to the environment and would not cause harm to the health of the individual who resides inside it. Again, the processes and functionalities of the building are such that it makes minimum use of energy resources, makes use of renewable resources as much as possible and so forth.


Different Stages Of A Green Building

There are different stages of the lifecycle of a green building. These need to be noted at every stage to ensure that they conform to the requirements of staying green or eco friendly:

  • The first stage is the construction or creation. At such a stage non renewable resources are often used as well as lots of energy. Again, many harmful gases are given off by many materials that can harm the environment as well a human health. These can also lead to a sick building syndrome. When a green building is constructed these points are taken care of. The energy resources are used in a renewable manner. Non toxic resources are used to construct the building as well as ensure that there is no extended state of pollution of the building materials.

Surviving A Green Building

The second stage of a green is long lasting and it lasts till the day it is demolished. There is a large amount of energy required to keep a building functioning, from heat, electricity, water, waste disposal, cooling systems and so forth. These systems need to be as energy efficient as possible and the building should be able to sustain itself on renewable energy as much as possible.

Importance Of Green Buildings
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